Saturday, June 12, 2010

SCSers Face to Face.....What Fun!!!!

(If you are looking for my Crazies Challenge card, please go down one post.)

Here is the story......My brother lives in upper state New York.  We live in eastern CT.  Well, my mother was going up to my brother's for a two week visit, so I drove her halfway to a rest stop in Guilderland, NY to meet up with my brother who would then do the second half of the ride. the important part of the story.......several weeks ago I had asked Sue (Coffeestamper) where she was in NY.......well it seemed to be in the general area of where I would be 'relaying' my mother to my brother so we decided to meet.  Come to find out, the rest area was only minutes from Sue's cool was that???  So.....she and Irene (DandI93 on SCS) were getting together this morning for some stamp shopping, so they both came over to meet me and have a cuppa.  Due to the weather (heavy rain at times....and with my weak peepers, not a good situation), I did not have a lot of time HOWEVAH' what time we had was quickly filled with chatter about stamping and our fellow stampers.

However, like all good things, our visit had to come to an end as I had a few more hours of driving before I got home.  Here is the photo to show our friends.......(can you believe what a great photographer Sue's son Christopher is?.....young, cute, patient and so talented)!!!

What a wonderful community the stamping world is!!!  When we meet face to face it is as if we have known each other 'forevah'.

Thanks for a great visit, Sue and Irene!!!


Our Little Inspirations said...

Lucky you to hook up with 2 great stampers from SCS! It's great to see this awesome photo and see these ladies IRL next to you! TFS your fun experience!

Julie- justwritedesigns said...

What fun! How great that y'all were able to meet up. Hi Sue, Hi Irene ~~~~~~ (me waving).

Traci M said...

Hi girls!!
What fun to see you Joanne...and glad you had the chance to meet up, that is always the best!!
You are all looking good!!

Tosha Leyendekker said...

How fun SnoSnot!! What a treat to meet up with fellow stampers. Wish I was in your "general area" instead of across the US....*sniff*

Glad you enjoyed your visit though!! :o)

Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

It sure looks like you gals had a few good minutes to chat and get to meet ;D. I am with Tosh...I am all the way...yes, way to far from you to met for a cuppa with you :C. But I still call you my friend,hehe!!! Hugs, Sabrina

Cindi said...

great pics!! Meeting stamping friends is always fun! I was lucky enough to do that last weekend at the heirloom rubber stamp show in west springfield mass

Dawn B. said...

Oh my gosh... how fun. I love these girls.. You are all so lucky to be able to meet IRL... This must have been a fun trip..

Vicki Dutcher said...

Isn't it fun to meet in real! What I like, is you look like your avatar! LOL - glad you were able to meet -