Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The 'Monsoons' and some cards!!!!

This is my card for today's Sketch Challenge.  Another awesome sketch by Roxie.

This is a card for the Muddamark Teapot Tuesday Challenge.  It is Pepper showing off his 'inner bunny'.  Ya' gotta read her story to understand!!!

Now some of you may have heard in the news that we in Connecticut are 'floating away' on our rivers which have overrun their banks.....and closed roads......flooded basements......and all sorts of WET mayhem.  These two pics will give you just a tiny taste of what people are dealing with.......the worst flooding is in areas I can't get a parking place or view to take a picture.  Many roads nearby are closed for safety purposes.  Ponds/lakes/rivers/brooks are flooding almost everything,   In one place in central CT, a condo complex's parking lot dropped 50 feet and one of the buildings had the ground underneath it washed away......PHEW!!!!

This picture shows a small brook near a friend's house.  As you can see, it cannot be identified as a 'brook' at the moment.....more like a raging river!!!  Normally if I stood in the same place and took a pic you wouldn't even know there was any water.....just a low babbling brook out of sight.
The dam pictured above normally has a long drop to a small body of the water is almost up to the top level of the dam and it is white water as far as the eye can see.

Anne (jdmommy) mentioned once that she came to the flea market here in town once......well...that would be totally impossible as the river has taken over the parking lot around that old mill building and I am sure the lower levels are FILLED with river must certainly respect the power of water and Mother Nature.  Even though the rain has mostly stopped, evacuations are still going on in town.  A condo complex is currently in the midst of a madatory evacuation.

Anyhoo...I wish each of you a dry, safe, sunny day.......we are among the lucky water in our basement AND we are on some higher land......TG!!!!!


StampOwl said...

Oh this look fantastic Joanne

Our Little Inspirations said...

I gasped when I saw that gorgeous red, black and white card, and then when I saw the next card, my heart just melted with delight! How incredibly CUTE!!! Beautiful work on both cards!!
TFS those dramatic photos too! I saw the unbelievable wrath of Mother nature on the news, and I'm so happy to know you're safe where you are! Whew!

peggysue said...

Whoa, you have got some serious water going on there. I hope it dissipates soon. I really liked both cards too although I wondered why on earth you are channeling snow when we just managed to get the last of it to melt . . .but maybe the red in the card will chase it away? Remind it of heat? Very nice and crisp, great job. Stay dry!

wannabcre8tive said...

Pepper is a fine looking bunny and I suppose he can really relate to Brutus and his problem. LOL A very cute card. Great coloring.

I like the red, black and white card. Those are one of my favorite color combo's. Love the silhouette.

Sorry to hear about all the flooding in your area.
It is so sad to see people's homes being damaged and them having to evacuate. I am happy you are safe and on high grounds. Won't be long and those waters will have floated down to my area and we sometimes have the same problems.