Thursday, December 15, 2011

CCEE Challenge -- My Card of Calamities

Considering how this card was created, it 'ain't bad'!!!!!  Here is my story step by step.

1.  I thought I had this card done and posted until about 7 o'clock tonight.
2,  When I realized I was to the stamp cave I descended.
3,  Embossed the ornament in red and then embossed the center decoration in what I thought was     black....turned out to be copper.  Had to redo.  Not bad so far, right????
4,  Pushed back my chair to reach for my heating gun.....and the caster on the front leg of my stampcave chair broke off......ackward seating for the rest of the creative session.
5.  Redid the ornament, using the black embossing powder for the center decoration.....starting to feel okay again.
6.  Cut the papers for the background and decided to use a punch to 'fancify' the corrners.  When I pulled out the drawer that holds my small punches, the handle and entire front of the drawer came off in my hands.  Will fix that another day.
7.  Finally had everything ready to go......but my quilling glue bottle was no where to be seen.  In the process of trying to find that, I lost the die cut 'ribbon' and had to die cut once again.
8.  Finally remembered that the glue bottle was upstairs from when I had to repair some Christmas cards so headed up to 'put it all together'.  However, upstairs I did not have a thin enough pin to clear the end of my glue down two flights of stairs to get a pin AND up two flights to finish my task.
9.  Card is finally completed BUT, as you will see when you look at this carefully, the 'tail' on my 'ribbon' is crooked and does not go to the jewel as it should....but ya know is what it is and it is staying that!!!

By the way...the CCEE challenge was to have a card/project that was ornament related in some way.  I used this set by Waltzingmouse Stamps.  Please be sure to go to the CCEE Blog for fabulous ornamental creations done by the fantasticly talented and creative DT.


StampOwl said...

Oh poor Joanne, all those dramas making one card. Glad you survived it to tell us all about it :)

Joycelyn Pelkey said...

ACK!!!! What an elegant and GORGEOUS creation...despite what you had to go through to make it! I will admit that I was chuckling to myself while reading through your mishaps...particularly about the chair castor breaking....although I'm very sorry your chair broke, what I envisioned was kinda funny! LOL!!! HUGS to you!!!

Emily Keaton said...

Glad to read that I'm not the only one who has days like that!!! Regardless of all your trouble, this card is beautiful. I hope today things go a little more smoothly. :)

Benzi said...
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Benzi said...

Oops..had to delete and start over.

OMG, you should get into therapy after all that. It is funny, but only because it isn't happening to me. What a nightmare and I've been into situations just the same before. Ugh!

Your card is just beautiful and I love that ribbon die..don't know that I've seen it. Got to go on my long list of 'gotta haves'.

Hope you have a much easier crafting day the next time you're in the stamp cave. :-)

wannabcre8tive said...

Your card is beautiful. I love the color combo. I thought things went bad for me, but I have to say you beat me on this one. The best part is you created a gorgeous card, anyway. Give those fur babies a pat on the head for me.

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Hee-hee! I can just see you dealing with these mishaps and frustrations. Still you managed to create yet another stunningly beautiful card, JoJo!

Kathy Bradley said...

Your card is beautiful, as they all are, but I had to laugh at one mishap after another. I actually had tears running down my eyes from laughing by the end of your story! Thanks for sharing!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Glad you got your card done Jo, it FABULOUS!~

Traci M said...

Joanne, I go through at least part of this with each card I make, especially the glue being stuck and finding pins, then usually I puncture myself and bleed all over my card. And it's not the right red to go with my color, so I usually end up tossing it.
I laughed out loud reading this...thanks for sharing your creative adventures!
The end creation is you!!!