Sunday, September 26, 2010

ISC Release -- Day 4 -- Vintage Artist Box

What inspires you?

Vintage Artist Box

Ever wonder why it is you stamp? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!  For doing so, your name may be chosen and you might win a FREE Vintage Artist box sheet, compliments of Innovative Stamp Creations! A winner will be chosen on Friday, October 1, and will be posted on the ISC blog.   Now back to what inspires you?!  What motivates you when you stamp? Who inspires you? What are your favorite images to create with?

Remember to let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

Think of the Vintage Artist Box line as your Art-Mural! Once your piece is finished you can showcase it somewhere in your studio or art area (or in my case, your stamp cave)! Consider the following themes when working on your Art Mural: butterflies, eclectic, faces of women, travel, flowers, vintage and many more.

My theme, quite obviously is the ocean.  I used the vintage artist box and sentiments from the set being released as well as other images from previously released stamps sheets from Innovative Stamp Creations.  Now, I must admit, that my creative process on this card was one of peseverence....but I am so THRILLED that I saw this through to the end as I really am so happy with the results.  I stamped the large artist box stamp in Celery, and then cut out (with an exacto knife) many of the green boxes.  I left a few as they were.  (The cutwork was difficult for me --weak peepers and all --, so don't look too closely at that!!!! )  I then colored my fav ocean scene stamp and put it behind three of the cut windows.  I then inked the world map background stamp on creamy caramel cardstock and placed that behind all the remaining 'empty' areas.  I then stamped various images and placed then on or behind to create my artist box (palms, butterfly) I really must thank my team members for their encouragement and examples which all came together to motivate me on this creation.  You girls rock!!!!  AND, yes....let me say this again....I am pleased with the results!!

Now....go see the fab creations by the rest of this supportive and oh so talented team....

ISC blog
Joanne (me!)

By the time you are looking at this, I will be heading to the ocean......a short trip to Maine!!!  A day spent near the ocean is a day well spent!!!!   I will be visiting my fav lighthouse and gazing at the ocean.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!   So if you have any questions for me, leave them in your comments and I'll get back to you when I get back home.


StampOwl said...

love it Joanne

Silke Ledlow said...

WOW Joanne this is your shadowbox card!!! Hugs ~S~

Cindy Haffner said...


TwoHeartsPath said...

I Love the Colors you chose for your piece!! Beautiful!!

Mothermark said...

Let, see why do I stamp?

Because I have 42,000 tons of stuff in my stamp room that if I didn't make a card once in awhile the photographer would say, do you need that stuff???

Because all of my buddies live in my computer and I do what they do?

Because the price of store bought cards is sky rocketing and if I make my own it only costs me the price of that 42,000 tons of stuff in my stamp room and quadruple the price to mail it because my cards have to be shipped by Greyhound Bus!

And last but not least, because YOU inspire me with your wonderful cards!!! For instance the amazing one here!

What do I win for answering? I need more stuff!

Just joshing!

Tosha Leyendekker said...

So clever, creative and beautiful Joanne!!

Our Little Inspirations said...

This is really a step out of the ordinary, but it turned out simply gorgeous! Perfectly and beautifully colored and designed!
What motivates me to create is probably all the neat "stuff" I've accumulated through the years. Some times a thought runs through my mind and I put it to paper, other times it's a visual for nearly anything. Still life, colors, cards I see on blogs; it all inspires me. I've learned recently that when I'm not feeling well, nothing seems to work, and during those times I just give it up for a while until things feel right again.
Hope you enjoy your trip to the ocean!

Makiko Jones said...

Wow! This is so pretty, Joanne!! Love the artist shadow box...looks wonderful!

Stacy aka Twinshappy on SCS said...

Gorgeous! Oh I love how peaceful and relaxing this looks. You did a fabulous job.