Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beautiful (I wish!!!) Blogger Award

Emily Keaton was sweet enough to offer this award to me recently, and I thought I would use my absence during a trip to Maine to post it and my information.

With this award is a requirement to share 7 things about yourself.  So....here goes.....

1.  I am a retired teacher of middle school students.   I retired 4 years ago after 35 years.  (yep....that means I am gettin up there in age.......don't be snickerin' you 'younguns'!!!)
2.  My trip of a lifetime was a month spent in Japan as part of  small group of New England educators. I (and other participants) can remember it as if it was yesterday.  The trip included stays with Japanese families, a night spent in a Buddhist monastery, visiting a volcano area, staying on a sacred island, and just too many experiences to list here.
3.  My friends collected throughout my life are my chosen family.  They have been wonderfully supportive and loving through the years.
4.  I love the ocean......which is why as you read this I am in coastal Maine.  However, I love the ocean anywhere....Aruba, Bermuda, Florida, Connecticut, California, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Japan....really doesn't matter!!
4.  I have dabbled in many crafts before stamping:  quilting, sewing, basketmaking, stencilling, counted cross stitch, scrapbooking (just to name a few).
5.  I love to read.  This is a life long love of mine.  I especially love mysteries and thrillers. 
6.  I have very weak peepers, so any day I wake up and see the ceiling fan is a FABULOUS day.
7.  I LOVE jewelry.......and have amassed quite a collection through the years.  Other people bring home trinkets from their travels....while I bring home a piece of jewelry (or two...or three....lol!!!)

Now I am also supposed to forward this on to 7 people.  I am a bit of a whimp (there is an 8th fact from me) in picking 7 out of my many friends, so I am awarding this to anyone reading this who would like to tell us a bit about yourself.  If you do, please leave me a comment here so I can go to your blog and enjoy your personal revelations.


Emily Keaton said...

Hi Joanne!! I love reading all {8} of your facts!! You are a brave woman indeed to have taught middle schoolers for 35 years. My oldest just started middle school and I'm finding it's a scary world out there LOL! I hope you have a wonderful visit in Maine. Checking out the lighthouses??

Traci M said...

Joanne, hope you're having a lovely vacation in Maine. This is a well written list, so I am giving you an A+. I just wonder why you did not make mention of the ocean in Colorado as one of your loves? :)
Anyway, I don't have enough to make a list, so don't refer to my blog, just wanted to say hi and I think your blog is beautiful too!!

Benzi said...

Hoping your vacation is filled with many wonderful sights and a nice, restful time. It sounds as if you've had quite an exciting, fulfilled life. Oh, I love the ocean probably as much as you...nothing like it. I know you'll be happy when you get a new puter. Take care and enjoy yourself.

Dawn B. said...

I am loving reading this about you.. SO many great characteristics and passions... I thought I was the only one that brought home jewelry.. I also LOVE the ocean.. We live in NC so it is close for us too.. Great info..:)

Vicki Dutcher said...

It is fun to "get to know you better' from these awards~ Love your STB card - your colors were a great choice for the challenge.