Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Work of HE'ART"S for a Wee One

For the Muddamark TeaPot Challenge we once again had a Destination Station.  This card has already gone postal to New Zealand to brighten the day of a wee one having her tonsils out.  Our challenge this week was to bring HEARTS to the Tea Party.....I have hearts embossed on my background, a die cut Nestie heart, two MS punched hearts, and three brad hearts.  I think I met the challenge....what do you think???

Now....we encourage any and all to join us at the Tea Party.  And...playing with the Tea Partiers does not oblidge you to send your card to the Destination Station.  That is totally voluntary.  For more information, go to the Muddamark TeaPot Challenge.

Unexpected Snail Mail Today.......
What a delightful surprise!!  This wonderful 'under-the-sea' card arrived in my snailmailbox today!!  It was from a stamper unknown to me, but one who follows my blog.

Cilla....I was THRILLED to receive your 'case' of one of my cards.  I recognized (and appreciated) those black mats right away!!!  Thanks for making my day!!!  (Remember...you can click on the card to see it larger and gaze at her wonderful coloring!!)

I actually needed some good news today.  After frantically uploading my Tea Party card to SCS, I headed out the door to go to the town hall pool for my morning swim.  WELL....that did NOT happen as my car was dead.  So after AAA came and put in a new battery I had totally missed my swim session.......so this little delight in the mail perked me up.  Maybe these fish managed to get in enough swimming for me too!!!

Have a great day!!!


StampOwl said...

Jolinne is looking so cute on your card Joanne, love it!

Our Little Inspirations said...

She's really sweet and I love that celery ribbon :)

Cindi said...

cute, cute and cuter!! they are both super cute

Joan Ervin said...

Your card is absolutely adorable, Joanne!!!! I just love that sweet image and how you added the big heart...love the tiny embossed hearts in the background, too!!!!! I'm sorry about your car and missing your swim session but that gorgeous card must have made your day!!!