Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!

This is one of the cards I have already received for my birthday which is today, November 16!!!! I just loved the craziness of it and thought it was the perfect picture to announce my b'day!!! (Hope I didn't scare!!!!) I have always been a person who loves birthdays. It is such a great time to see friends and enjoy time together. Somehow in our busy lives, we sometimes need a reason to get together. And....I am one of those lucky ones who is not bothered by revealing my age, which is a good thing today.

Well.....this is a significant 60th!!! The celebration has already been going on for several days and it will continue for a couple of weeks. During the last week, friends had me over for dinner, another friend and I went to lunch. Cards and gifts have arrived from friends both near and far. AND....I have other events to look forward to. I am so very blessed to have a wide and wonderful 'net' of friends who are there for me in the good times AND in the more challenging days.

My wish for all of you is that you too are blessed with people in your life who truly love and support you throughout life's joys and challenges.

I will start my day in the pool today and then let the day develop from there.

I'm sixty years of age. That's 16 Celsius.
( ~George Carlin, Brain Droppings, 1997)

You're not sixty. You are 18 with 42 years of experience.
(Author Unknown)

Here is another a friend shared with me this morning....

60!!! I demand a recount!!!

And a few more that have been shared with me today...

The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.

Getting old ain't for sissies.

(By the way.....the card I took this picture from is by Recycled Paper Greetings, just so I give credit as deserved.)


StampOwl said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Joanne
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy 60th Joanne hope you have a wonderful day!!

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday - and here is to MANY more!

Denise (peanutbee) said...

HAPPY 60TH, Joanne!!!! Oh wow, I hope you have an AMAZING day today!

.....I've seen that quote about the 42 years experience on a t-shirt...hehe, makes me giggle!

Our Little Inspirations said...

Well, congratulations on your milestone birthday!! I wish you a fabulous day filled with fun things and a wonderful year ahead as well! Happy Birthday to you!! ( the card is hilarious!! LOL)

Connie M. said...

HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY, Joanne!! I hope you have a wonderful day! Enjoy!!

Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Joanne, HAPPY 6oth BIRTHDAY to you from me!!!! I did plan on making you a card, but my entire family (yep, that hubby of mine too) are sick and I am running behind!!! Please forgive me. I hope you are having a wonderful day and many, many more Birthday's to come. Hugs, Sabrina

Julia Aston said...

Happy, Happy B'day Joanne! you are smart to not be bothered by b'days because what is the alternative??!! LOL!!! I'm 3 years behind you GF!!!

My sister and I have 2 good friends who are sisters - and we are all hitting this age - Cilla is 60 this year, my sister next year, Mary the year after and then MOI! (yes, I'm the baby)

Love your card! it sure gets the point across doesn't it! Have a wonderful "weeks" of celebration!

Ruthie said...

Happy 60th!!!!! I reached that milestone this past summer - had a week of fun with family and friends! A surprise party and all! Blessings on you at this time .... may you have many more B.days!

jdmommy said...

Happy Birthday dear friend!!! I remember was only 5 years ago! 60 is wonderful, but 65 is really are a Senior Citizen. Actually, you can say you are now. Whatever you forget you can say, "Oh, I'm just a senior now!!" Many happy returns!!

Lois said...

A very happy birthday to you, Joanne. Welcome to the sixties! They aren't so bad, believe me! Just make sure, if you haven't been already, to take advangtage of every senior citizen discount you can! I love to go to the movies and spend $2.50 less than most of the people in line!

Cindi said...

they say it's your birthday..happy birthday to ya,
they say it's your birthday gonna have a good time..
Thtas me doing the birthday song from the very happy you didn't have to listen to me sing!!
happy birthday!!!

Traci M said...

Joanne, you are hilarious! That card is perfect for celebrating your day and it doesn't surprise me at all that you have so many friends!! Blessings on your birthday, and yes, my card will be one of the later celebrations!!

Silke Ledlow said...




Joan Ervin said...

Woopie!!!! Congrats on your 60th, just keeps getting better and better!!!! Hope you party hardy...sounds like you birthday week is going to be super special!!!!

peggysue said...

Oh I love those sayings you shared about your birthday, I can't pick which I like better but they all made me chuckle! I am glad your day was grand! You deserve a nice, special time.

Cindy Haffner said...