Friday, October 23, 2009

Stampin B's Challenge #29 Diagonal Double Pocket Card

For those of you looking and saying to yourself, "That isn't a diagonal double pocket card!! Doesn't Joanne know what diagonal means?????" Yes, I do know what diagonal means, but that part of the instructions went right out the window and I made a double (non-diagonal) pocket card. .......AND the wonderful thing about the Stampin B's is that we don't get all hung up on the I know that Nicole, our hostess this week, will forgive me!!!!

There was no stamping done on this card......just like last week!!!! So there is not much to tell you about the creative process.

Now be sure to go to the Stampin' B's Blog to check out the creations of the rest of the team.


StampOwl said...

well your tags are on the diagonal hehe ... that should count ;)

Traci M said...

Joanne, I am so relieved you answered the question that is permeating my brain and will most likely disturb my sleep tonight, because, really, don't you know what a diagonal is? Would that be considered a math subject, or science subject??
Either way, I am loving these pretty colors and the white glittery snowflakes...just a lovely Joanne creation!!

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh Joanne this is GORGEOUS.

jdmommy said...

How beautiful! those tags are da bomb!!!

TrishG said...

Gorgeous. Love the colors. Love the border punches on top of each pocket. Cute ribbon too

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

Oh my, is this GORGEOUS!!! I love those snowflakes! Is that a new snowflake punch?

What was it that as a student we always use to hear our teachers yelling at us?.....hmmmmm.....sumpin' like "You MUST follow the directions or you will be failed!" Do I get to use the buzzer on ya, huh? Huh? Pretty, please? 'Speshully now that Traci can't sleep cuz of it. LOL!! I won't buzz too loudly since your tags are on the diagonal.
I hope you're having wonderful weather on your vacation. It's been raining here almost all week. Miss you, buddy!

Cindi said...

what a beautiful card! I like the untaditional colors with the snow theme